V & S Automation - Crane

V and S Automation’s experience in installations, repairs and refurbishing of materials handling equipment goes back 33 years in the industry. Refurbishing includes electrical and mechanical engineering on all levels. All work done by V and S Automation is strictly done to drawing specifications.
Installations are carried out by trained and qualified artisans and the utmost attention is paid to safety regulations as per the OHS ACT, BYLAWS and CUSTOMER SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS. Our views, goals and objectives: Our management and staff are committed to providing our clients with only the best quality and service, at all times. This includes providing excellence in quality, responsiveness, flexibility and the ability to engineer a product and service that would suit the customer’s exact requirements, as well as meet all regulatory and statutory requirements.
We will ensure the training of all employees in all aspects of work for wellmanaged and motivated personnel. We are committed to ensure continuous improvement of a quality system to meet the requirements of the SABS iso 9001: 2015 standards. By means of the above, we will strive to grow our business, while simultaneously generating profits. We have set ourselves quality objectives to ensure we achieve the goals we have set.

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